We're excited to be working with Elite Sports to try out their product! We will come up with a review post once the product testing is done Keep an eye out for these updates. Check them out here: Link 1: https://www.elitesports.com/collections/muay-thai-pads/ Link 2: https://www.borntough.com/

Martial Arts Programs Available In Worthington


Our team at Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo is proud to offer Family martial arts classes that will help students develop confidence, athleticism, and focus. From their very first day, students will feel welcomed and supported on their Taekwondo journey. Join us in Worthington and get started today!

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Weapons Classes

Through traditional Taekwondo weapons training, you'll develop focus and dexterity. Join us at Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo and discover the excitement and energy that comes with learning sparring with a bo staff, nunchucks, or kama!

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Ninjatrix is the newest sport discipline encompassing Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Parkour skills! Our program was developed by lifelong martial artists, gymnastics coaches and parkour enthusiasts to create a totally new, totally engaging, totally crazy fun sport.

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