Martial Arts Programs Available In Worthington

Kids Taekwondo

Our team at Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo is proud to offer kids martial arts classes that will help students develop confidence, athleticism, and focus. From their very first day, students will feel welcomed and supported on their Taekwondo journey. Join us in Worthington and get started today!

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Teen Martial Arts

Our Teen Taekwondo program is designed to give students of all ages the opportunity to build teamwork and leadership skills, confidence, and perseverance. At Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo, we are proud to empower teens from Worthington and beyond with lessons to last a lifetime!

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts classes can help you do everything from losing weight to learning real-world self-defense skills. Join our awesome community here in Worthington and start learning Taekwondo -- you'll look better, feel better, and be healthier. From more energy to better movement, the benefits of martial arts training are endless!

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Weapons Classes

Through traditional Taekwondo weapons training, you'll develop focus and dexterity. Join us at Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo and discover the excitement and energy that comes with learning sparring with a bo staff, nunchucks, or kama!

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