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Family Taekwondo in Worthington

Get The Best Martial Arts Training in Worthington!

Through our Martial Arts program, we'll help you and your family develop confidence, discipline, and a powerful sense of self! Through Taekwondo, we want to help families  from around Worthington, Westerville, and Dublin get started on a path to lifelong success. Enroll in our Taekwondo program that will help students achieve success on the mats, at home, work and in school.

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What Makes Our Taekwondo Program Unique?

Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo was founded to help people from Worthington and across North Columbus thrive. By cultivating a family atmosphere where kids as young as three years old, teens and even adults can begin learning the specialized art of Taekwondo, we hope to instill confidence, discipline, and teamwork skills in each and every student.

Our Taekwondo classes are designed to help students overcome obstacles and be goal-oriented in every aspect of life. As our students make the journey from white belt to black belt, they discover that the skills they gain and the lessons they learn through their martial arts training will help them do more than become bullyproof -- they'll glean insights that will help them launch successful careers, form better relationships, and manage their emotions in healthier ways.

Through Taekwondo classes, you and your family will:
  • Develop unwavering confidence
  • Learn teamwork and leadership skills
  • Gain focus, learn discipline, and practice goal-setting
  • Connect with our incredible Worthington community

Our team at Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo is here to help your family achieve incredible things. By providing a structured and supportive environment, introducing them to lifelong fitness, and showing every student their unlimited potential, our Taekwondo classes are built to promote success in students across Worthington, Westerville, and Dublin.

Get Started With Worthington's Favorite Taekwondo Classes!

Through the martial arts, your child will learn to be the best they can be. Join us for Famliy Friendly Taekwondo classes that will genuinely support you with high-quality instruction, professional supervision, and compassionate instructors. From Worthington to Westerville and Dublin, Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo is offering quality Martial Arts instruction to students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

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